Types of Assessments

There are three categories of assessments, Construction Manager, Self-Performing General Contractor, and Subcontractor. When taking an assessment, it's important that the contractor selects the category that best describes his or her organization.

Assessment Questions

Each assessment contains a set of questions requiring a "Yes" or "No" response that pertain to workforce development that is most relevant to the category (organization type) selected. In addition, any "Yes" response requires submittal of supporting information including documentation of policy or commitment.

Scoring Methodology

Each assessment question is assigned a weight value equal to its relative importance in determining an organization's commitment to workforce development. The cumulative weight value of the entire set of questions in each assessment category (contractor type) is 100 (%).

The final score or Question Score given to an individual question is based on two components, the Response Score and the Auditor Score. Each response of "Yes" automatically receives one half of the question's weight value as the Response Score. A "No" response receives no weight value or zero.

For example, a "Yes" response to a question weighted 7.8 would be given a Response Score of 3.9 (7.8 * 0.5). If the response is "Yes", the remaining weight value of the question is determined by the auditor's rating of the supporting information provided by the organization. If the response is "No", there is no requirement for supporting information, so the Auditor Score is automatically set to zero. So, effectively, all "No" responses will automatically set the Question Score to zero (0).

With any "Yes" response, the Auditor uses a five-point scale (5 is best and 1 is worst) to rate the value the supporting information provided. Each rating value (1-5) correlates to a multiplier, ranging from 1 to -1 in increments of .5, that is then applied to the Response Score to calculate the Auditor Score.

For example, if the auditor gives the supporting information a rating of 2, which has a corresponding multiplier of -.5, the Auditor Score would be -1.95 (3.9 X -.5). So, the Question score for this particular question would be the sum of the Response Score (3.9) and the Auditor Score (-1.95) or 1.95.

Once all of the questions have been answered by the Contractor and then rated by the Auditor, the Question Score for each will be calculated by the system. All of the Question Scores in the set of questions within that assessment are then combined to determine the Final Score. The Final Score determines the Letter Grade given to the organization. The following grading scale is used:

Grade Minimum Maximum
A+ 97 100
A 94 96.99
A- 90 93.99
B+ 87 89.99
B 84 86.99
B- 80 83.99
C+ 77 79.99
C 74 76.99
C- 70 73.99
D+ 67 69.99
D 65 66.99
F 0 64.99