General FAQs
Q. What is the purpose of the CWDA?
A. The purpose of the CWDA is to objectively measure a contractor's commitment to workforce development. The goal of the CWDA is to make workforce development a key criterion in the prequalification and final selection of contractors.
Q. What are the different types of assessments available?
A. There are three different types of assessments: 1) Self-Performing General Contractor, 2) Sub-Contractor, and 3) Construction Manager. Click on the assessment to view the list of questions.
Q. What types of subscriptions are available to contractors?
A. There are two subscription choices available: 1) Annual Assessment including an update - $1,595 and 2) Annual Assessment only - $1,295. If you purchase the assessment only, you will have the ability to purchase an update as long as it is within one year of the date that the original assessment CWDA score was published. The cost for an update is $695.
Q. Why would a contractor update an assessment?
A. A contractor may choose to purchase an update, either with the original assessment, or a la carte. The purpose of the update is to allow an organization the opportunity to relay programs/processes etc. that have been implemented and/or improved after receiving the initial Strength and Opportunities for Improvement Report and CWDA score.
Q. Who within an organization can take an assessment?
A. Anyone within a contractor's organization may purchase and complete an assessment.
Q. Will refunds be offered if an assessment is mistakenly taken more than once by my organization?
A. Yes, a refund will be granted as long as an audit has not been conducted on the duplicate submission.
Q. When does a CWDA score expire?
A. It expires one year from the date the score is published.
Q. Can a contractor take more than one assessment?
A. More than one assessment can be taken as long as it is for different divisions (i.e. maintenance, industrial, etc) within the organization.
Q. Who can see a contractor's Scorecard and/or Strength and Opportunities for Improvement Report?
A. Only the Owners that are granted access will be able to see the Scorecard and/or Strength and Opportunities for Improvement Report. To provide access, click on the "Owner Access" tab at the top of the page to add them. By default, all Owners are set to "Do Not Allow Access".
Q. Who do I contact if I'd like more information on the CWDA?
A. You can contact Cathy Tyler, Director of Credentialing and Compliance Services, at 888-622-3720 or via email at